Bravura - Quest Rush

Digital Tales
"Bravura - Quest Rush is a ton of fun. [...] you'll most likely be hacking and slashing away with a smile on your face."…
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"Bravura - Quest Rush is a ton of fun. [...] you'll most likely be hacking and slashing away with a smile on your face." - Touch Arcade (Rating: 4/5) - "Consistently simple to play but not necessarily easy to win, Bravura – Quest Rush is a very pleasant experience." - (Rating: 4/5) - "iFanzine Verdict: Bravura - Quest Rush takes elements of endless runner gameplay – minus the randomized stages – and mixes them with RPG style party and leveling mechanics, in the process creating something unique and engaging." - AppAdvice (Rating: 4/5) - Rush into an Adventure full of side-scrolling RPG Frenzy! Quest Rush is an innovative time-driven action game mixed with RPG elements. Rush through fast-paced stages of side-scrolling action - each stage lasts about 90 seconds and your goal is to complete all the quests as you slay through hordes of monsters while helping innocent bystanders. Fight against TIME to save the day and become the ultimate fantasy hero! You will be dazzled by the lightning-quick stages and challenging time-based mechanics making Bravura - Quest Rush’s gameplay super addictive, like in a fun and exciting casual running game. KEY FEATURES: - Experience a side-scrolling Action RPG with fast-paced gameplay - Collect and customize your party with a unique “Companion System” - Harness time as the key that dynamically affects high scores, stage difficulty and quests - Unlock plenty of powers and goodies to break new records - Challenge the extra Frontier stages, featuring random quests and rare loot - Tap to interact, swipe to unleash special attacks with intuitive touch controls - Enjoy cartoon graphics, sporting visually stunning 2D backgrounds enriched with a convex mirror effect Website: Facebook: Support e-mail address: [email protected] Universal build. Compatible with: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation), iPad 2, iPad mini, the new iPad and the iPad with Retina display.
Seller:Digital Tales
Genre:Action, Role Playing
Release:Sep 19, 2013
Updated:Sep 05, 2015
Size:90.4 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal