Book of Demons: Tablet Edition

Thing Trunk
***Accolades and Honors*** ***CEEGA 2019 Best Design*** ***Digital Dragons 2018 Best Polish Game Art*** ***Casual Connec…
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***Accolades and Honors*** ***CEEGA 2019 Best Design*** ***Digital Dragons 2018 Best Polish Game Art*** ***Casual Connect Best Game Art 2016*** ***Indie DB Indie of The Year 2017 Top 10*** Tap & slash your way through the Archdemon's hordes in this atmospheric paper pop-up dungeon crawler recapturing the soul of the genre with loads of intelligent humor. LASTING FUN: Procedurally Generated Dungeons, endless mode after completing the main, 8 hours long campaign! Three character classes with unique mechanics! BUILT FOR TOUCH: iOS controls re-engineered for the best touch experience! LOADS OF QUALITY CONTENT: 70+ different types of unique monsters, 80 base card types with Rare and Legendary variants; over *100 000* variants total! ADAPTIVE DIFFICULTY: Aside from Normal, Roguelike Mode for an extreme challenge and Casual mode for relaxing hack&slash fun! YOU CONTROL THE CLOCK: Pick how much time you have and the game will generate balanced smart dungeons for you to complete in that time with bosses, chests and intense fights. The game even learns your playstyle and adapts to build better levels! BEAUTIFUL: Award-winning paper pop-up book art! Ready to save the terror-stricken Paperverse from the clutches of the Archdemon himself? Hack and Slash your way into his lair! LANGUAGES: - Voice over: English - Text and subtitles: English, Polish, German, Spanish, French
Seller:Thing Trunk
Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Feb 13, 2020
Updated:Nov 03, 2020
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