Black Boxes

Play the addictive little puzzle game that everyone is talking about! Featured in "Best New Games" in the App Store …
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Play the addictive little puzzle game that everyone is talking about! Featured in "Best New Games" in the App Store Test your speed, logic and creativity! Discover strategies that will lead you to dozens of achievements! Watch the boxes shatter under your fingertips as your skills improve! You'll love this addicting puzzler from the creators of the hit game "Shades: A Simple Puzzle Game". > "I love it! Totally addictive, smooth and beautiful!" - Kirstine Askholm Interactive Denmark > "We like it even more than Shades!" - The guys who made it The basics: 1. Combine boxes of the same color to make darker colors. 2. The darkest colors combine into black boxes. 3. Create 3 black boxes in a row to clear them from the board. (But don't settle for just 3. With a little strategy, you'll soon be building massive combos and bathing in the satisfaction of watching loads of boxes shatter at once!) Try all 3 modes of play! - Timed mode: The mode where you trust your instincts and go with the flow, because the clock is ticking and s/he who hesitates is lost. - Moves mode: The mode where you mull things over and plan ahead, because 40 moves isn't a lot so you want to make them count. - Limitless: The mellow mode where you find that blissful state of relaxation, and take your time building epic combos, because its nice, and you deserve nice things (available as in app purchase) Some more features: - Easy to learn, hard to master, even harder to put down. - Power ups! Use them to play smart and score big. (And don't worry, power ups are not cheating, we use them all the time and feel good about it.) - Combos. Build epic and creative combinations of boxes for extra points. - Earn credits. Each time you clear a box, you earn a credit. Use your credits to buy power ups. - Badges. Earn over 60 fun badges for fulfilling challenging tasks. You will also be rewarded with credits! - Cool sounds. (At least we think so.) But if you don't like them, you turn them off and listen to your own sounds. App Preview Music: Jazzy Frenchy -
Genre:Board, Puzzle
Release:Dec 01, 2015
Updated:Mar 22, 2016
Size:44.3 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal