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"Battle Legends" shows the glamour of the Xuan-Yuan Sword once again!
Following the "Chinese Paladin&…
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"Battle Legends" shows the glamour of the Xuan-Yuan Sword once again!
Following the "Chinese Paladin" action game launch.
Which topped the APP Store ranking in Mainland China and Taiwan areas with its excellent performance.
The team developed the mobile strategy game "Battle Legends", based on the "Xuan-Yuan Sword".
It features a cute visual style different from traditional ones, and brings creative strategy play to the IOS mobile platform!
The mobile strategy game "Battle Legends" adopts a monster cards fighting mode. It is easy for players to get started and play again, and again.
Players can summon a large number of monsters with differing attributes, and fight by utilizing the strategic advantages of the interactions of five elements, and combining powerful spells.
In "Battle Legends", the user plays a powerful summoner, and possesses the ability to manipulate monsters. His/her mission is to save the world, and to fight off hordes of intruding monsters from the other worlds.
The player is given the sacred task of saving the world. The player must first past the test of Demon Lord, to begin this exciting adventure.
The R&D team for the "Battle Legends" has designed well over 100 levels, each closely connected by rhythmic fighting, breathtaking emergencies, and attractive bonus levels.
With great rewards, the content is abundant, and should keep players guessing.
Aside from the splendid and exciting content, the vivid voice acting of "Battle legends" has greatly increased it's sense of prescense.
The classic music of the "Xuan-Yuan Sword" is used, which will also treat players to a sensual audio feast.
In addition, the R&D team has secretly arranged for mysterious characters to appear in the game in a bid to provide players with pleasant surprises.
It will definitely provide great shock value, and the mysterious characters will accompany players in battle after battle!
Genre:Card, Strategy
Release:Oct 25, 2012
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