Animus: Revenant

“Blood for blood. That which is taken shall be returned.” Will you aid the herald? Who is the lady in the forest? Where…
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“Blood for blood. That which is taken shall be returned.” Will you aid the herald? Who is the lady in the forest? Where are the jester’s pants? Pick up your war hammer. Bring peace to the condemned, silence to the corrupt, and retribution against the deceitful. Fight, farm, craft, collect, end. - Keeper of this unremembered refuge, a blood debt incurred long ago is to be collected to bring about the end. Summoned from humanity’s desperation, you are all that stands between Cadmeia and its annihilation. Find and seize the blood memories of old, lest those that intend suffering and harm unending should wield them. - Quick tips: · Mat farming is necessary. Try to remember enemy drops. · In tough situations grab what you need and warp out. · Chime pieces may reveal a hint at boss vulnerability. · Be deliberate and measure your attacks. · This is not your high-speed hack 'n slash. · Button mashing will get you killed. · Find a weapon type and weapon move set that is best for you. · Learn how to parry and counter attack. This will give you an advantage. - Features: · Single player Action RPG (Fantasy & Adventure) · 3D Isometric POV · Tactical and hack-n-slash combat · Gamepad recommended · Customize touch control (size, space, transparency) · Linear gameplay (backtracking necessary) · Narrative: storytelling / lore in dialogue & items · 20~48hrs+ of gameplay (New Game): main & side quests, boss battles, lore · Item crafting: weapons, armor, accessories · Items with various skills, effects, attributes · Character stats & management* *: Enemies have different elemental or status effect vulnerabilities. Stat placement & item attributes affect combat efficiency. · Strategy/Tactics: Farm, combine, and balance equipment suited to the map or enemy. · Material farming from mobs · Area themes: 11 - Want to know more about the game or us? There are people here!!
Genre:Action, Role Playing
Release:Aug 19, 2021
Updated:Sep 15, 2021
Size:1.3 GB
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