Action RPG: Moonshades

Viktor Domonyi
Moonshades is a dungeon crawler RPG to restore the immersive atmosphere and experience of the old-school role playing ga…
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Moonshades is a dungeon crawler RPG to restore the immersive atmosphere and experience of the old-school role playing games. Recall the fun of the genuine adventure games inspired by D&D - embedded in 3D surroundings with a deep, captivating story. Discover an enigmatic realm loaded with ancient magic and myths - grand legends are reborn as you venture into the epic journey! The conquer's tale leads you beneath the ruined towns - toward grim, eerie dungeons and nesting monsters in the ghostly light. Some descendants of Harten still resist with all their might, enshrining the secrets of the ancestors' magic. Join the mission to bring the liberty and the radiant, lost wisdom back for these rich and mystic lands! The Crown's glory and treasures are buried, many kingdoms of darkness has invaded the realm, but the hope for changing the threads of the history has not been forlorn in the deepness of the dungeons. Finally, the reward for your efforts will be fabulous! Essences of the Moonshades RPG: - Mythic beasts and other fantasy creatures come to life in a massive, cryptic dungeon environment. - Armour yourself for the battles, and find your best strategy to attack their enemies' weaknesses. - The adventures provide you thousands of upgradable items (weapons, armors, accessories); use miraculous artifacts to make them stronger! - Action and story-telling both play vital roles during achieving quests and puzzles. - Fight in real-time combats for fabulous loots, magical items and otherworldly abilities! - Learn plenty of devastating, protective or remedial spells & skills, and master the status effects for advance! - Roam around the fantasy RPG realm, follow your insight, and keep an observing attitude - the help would arise sometimes by surprising sources to solve the riddles and puzzles - don't leave a path unexplored! - Discover other wanderers traces; talk and trade with NPC's through your quests; search for meaningful hints to find out the puzzles. - Envision the fairy past by the haunting memories of the fallen heroes! Find the scrolls of Harten and Aesthirya to unearth legendary episodes from the greatest empires' history. - Be aware of the crafty & deadly traps! - Experiment the wonder of Magic Forge: make powerful potions, craft epic, legendary or even relic items, and enchant your gear! - Dive into the challenge of Arcane Dungeon's grim labyrinth for marvelous treasures, when the hallowed Moons let you enter! - Try your luck: dicey deals await you with the vendor of the bewitched chests. Join the community: Step into the teleport, and have a lots of fun in this nostalgic fantasy rpg!
Seller:Viktor Domonyi
Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Dec 20, 2019
Updated:Jul 02, 2024
Size:615.0 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal