64th Street - A Detective Story

A great beat ‘em up of the SNES is back!

64th Street - A Detective Story, which brought life to Rival Turf! an…
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A great beat ‘em up of the SNES is back!

64th Street - A Detective Story, which brought life to Rival Turf! and the Brawl Brothers series on the SNES, is back from the 90’s. Travel back to this time with a great beat ‘em up arcade game! Transform your iPhone in a coin-free arcade machine and play this classic with a revamped gameplay.

Run through New York in the 50s and track “the Legacy”, an evil organization responsible for many kidnappings. Try to find the daughter of one of the most influential men in town. Play the atypical detective duo Rick and Allen. Both are ready to find the villains, fight and free the girl!

/!\ ##IMPORTANT## /!\ iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPod Touch 3rd Generation and up, and iPad Devices only.


- Original game: Fight through 6 stages to infiltrate the Legacy organization and resolve this mysterious case!

- Soundtrack: Ready to go back in some great arcade music of the 90’s? Or play with your own music if you prefer!

- Story mode: Play this mode with 5 lives. Each time you unlock a stage, you can start again your adventure from this point.

- Survival mode: Skill is required in this mode! Play with your 5 lives, from the beginning... to the end! Try and make the best score!

- Gameplay: Play with a v-pad in a fullscreen or windowed mode. Enjoy the special moves of the two characters and have some fun by throwing your enemies in the background!

- Game Center: Lots of different achievements to unlock! Try and unlock the weapons to continue your adventure with one of them! Check the leaderboard and compete with your friends to make the best score in Survival mode!


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Genre:Arcade, Family
Release:Mar 09, 2011
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