Universal Teen Titans GO Figure! - Teeny Titans 2 (by Cartoon Network)

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by nyanpass, Jul 18, 2018.

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    Soooooo, it's been almost 4 months since the last update. Has Grumpyface abandoned this game?

    I hope not the game is fun but it needs more content and levels. You would think near Christmas they'd do some form of update.

    After completing every level and getting every character, with my favourites at Gold 20 Max Skills, I haven't touched it in almost 2 months now. All I have to do is level characters and that does get tiresome.

    Edit: Speak of the devil, just found this on their FB Page:


    Also right here on toucharcade:


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    Meanwhile, at CN hq: F..k Europe.
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  4. Multiplayer is a cool feature that could get people playing more often. However for me personally, it's just not interesting. I bought it for the single player experience. I actively avoid all those online pvp games on the app store.

    But I'm not saying it's bad, it's just not what I'm interested in. Luckily there's single player stuff in the update as well.
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    There are some new single player quests which are fun. A really tough new tournament to complete for a new figure. The multiplayer is fun, but I've already ran into people who are into spamming team mind control with Hood. I imagine there's a workaround with Cute figs. I hope it takes off as this game is really great.
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    I am 99% in agreement with you here, I have a couple friends however I work with or otherwise that we always thought it would be fun to test our mettle with our different builds of figs. Lo and behold there is a friend code much like nintendo built into the multiplayer that allows me to just play them when I want and on top of that you can play just the AI too so it's semi hall of justice from the first one. I think if there isn't already there will be a FC exchange popping up soon here.
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    Just how hard is it to fix this game to make it acceptable under GDPR rules in Europe? No other game has this problem at all. Have to wonder what personal data they’re collecting about the player that means they can’t release here, doesn’t it...

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