Universal Sinking Feeling - arcade smash-em-up coming February 5th

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    Hi all,

    Some of you may remember us (Force Of Habit) from non-smash hit "Toast Time" released last year. Just wanted to say we have a new game coming out this week - actually on the anniversary of Toast Time - and it's called Sinking Feeling. Let us know what you think! :)


    Sinking Feeling is a game about a head falling through time and space.

    Strategically smash and avoid panels of glass in risk/reward gameplay. Test your reflexes against intense - yet deliciously simple - minimalist action. Top-notch glass-shattering effects combined with a retro-style and chiptune soundtrack will keep you coming back for more. Just one more go...


    * Increasingly challenging gameplay with 10 types of glass panels to smash through!
    * Two unlockable game modes.
    * Achievements and online leaderboards.
    * An emphatic custom-composed chiptune soundtrack.
    * A deep, honest and truly meaningful ending... probably.

    DATE: Thursday 5th February
    PLATFORMS: iOS & Android
    PRICE: Tier 1 - $0.99 / £0.79




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