Universal GemTastic studios 1st Alpha - multiplayer puzzle game! Amazon Echo Dot giveaway between testers!

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    If we get 50+ alpha testers - the winner will be announced by 4th of September!
    (Edit: Extended to 4th of September due to not reaching 50+ testers in such a short time).

    - Hey! Got three minutes?
    We’re facing a problem – we need alpha testers to validate the very first raw version of our 1vs1 mobile puzzle games concept!

    - Here’s the magic:
    - Download the game on Android (link: Google Play rebrand.ly/gemtastic-android) or iOS (link: App Store rebrand.ly/gemtastic-ios).

    - Rules below!
    - Grab your friend, mom or dog, explain them the rules and try out the games!

    - Go, go, go and fill out the survey! Takes 60s or less!

    Survey: rebrand.ly/gemtastic

    Giveaway announcement on the 4th of September!

    –> –> –> One participant will win an Amazon Echo Dot! <– <– <–

    Some guidelines:

    NB! To move around the menu, tap on small icons.

    Game “Tangram”

    Move: One player starts. Drag all small puzzle pieces to correct places! Give the phone to a friend. Faster time wins.
    Win: Be faster than your friend!

    Game ”Tiles”
    Turn: Make a move and destroy a wall. Can’t jump over the opponent.
    Win: Opponent can’t move, you win.

    Game “Block”
    Move: Place a 2x1 Block by swiping over two tiles.
    Win: Player to place the last block, wins!

    Game “Ball Game”
    Move: Choose - move (tap on area) / place a wall (tap on the wall, to place, tap on a space between tiles, to end turn tap grey button). The total amount of walls: 5. Can’t block player out or box the area completely.
    Win: Reach opponents’ start tile!

    NB! –> Mind the time placed on the top of your screen!
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    Aug 29, 2019
    We still need 30+ testers for the giveaway! Date extended!

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