Dark Dot: Action SHMUP with Drawing and Manipulation

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    Hi everyone! We're Inzen Studio and we're a small team based in the sunny Singapore. The co-founders met at the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab (now known as the SUTD Game Lab) and we all worked on this game called Dark Dot.

    Dark Dot was released back in 2011, with only 4 levels on iPad only and it was covered here:
    Touch Arcade Review: http://toucharcade.com/2011/11/01/dark-dot-for-ipad-review/

    It was released as a demo prototype which showcases a research topic back then. After we came out to start Inzen Studio, we couldn't help but think about Dark Dot over... and over... and over........ aaaand we decided to see if we could license it back from the game lab.

    We never looked back.

    We started working on the full game in 2015 and we're gonna push it out on both iOS (for iphones too this time!) and Android. We also put in quite abit of new features that will hopefully make the game experience more engaging and complete.

    Trailer and Introduction Video

    You start the game by drawing any shape and you control the 12 Darklets via manipulating the shape or via re-drawing. You can rotate to get through tight spaces, pinch for concentrated fire or expand for a wider firing range. Darklets fire automatically and you can switch powers anytime while playing. The type of power available depends on the Darklets that you've chosen for your team and by upgrading or evolving the Darklets, you also increase the power level.



    There are over 80 Darklets to collect, upgrade and evolve, as well as ability cores that will help you in-game. We've also included special comic panels that will show you more about the backstory of Dark Dot and why he's doing what he's doing. There are 9 different Elemental worlds to explore, together with 9 Elemental Bosses. We've also included an Endless mode where you can compete with your friends.

    We're trying to push the game out in the next month or two and we'd really like to know your feedback as we want to make this game as good as we can get. We'll push out more updates regarding the Dark Dot world and we hope that you'd enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them!

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  2. Water Elementals

    Here's a preview of our Water Elementals!


    There are 9 different Elemental Worlds and this is one of my favorites. The Boss is called Maestra Maelstrom and she's one of the most powerful Boss in the Geo-Elemental World!

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    Mar 4, 2014
    Looks very nice
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    Player 1
    Liberty city
    Need this right now !
  5. Thank you! Our artists gave it their best touches.. XD
  6. US TOO! Hah. We're trying to complete this as fast as we can. We can't wait to get your gameplay feedback on the game!
  7. Fire Elementals

    Hi there! This is Queenferno! She dashes around, leaving a trail of fire behind her. Her elementals deal quite a huge amount of damage and the most effective way to counter her is to use the Water Elemental Power!

    PS: Powers counter each other so the most effective power against the Water Elementals would be the Fire Power!

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    Looks great graphics wise and the gameplay sounds really good too. I'm intrested in knowing more about the varying characters you can get and how they are upgraded? Just wondering if it's something that'll be a grind or just happen as you progress normally.
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    Looks super fun. Any chance to have an IAP to make this a more premium game? This is F2P right?
  10. Thank you!! We've got about 80 different Darklets (characters you add into your team) that can be morphed, using different types of currency in the game. We've got:

    - Elemateria for Common Morphs (which is dropped by enemies in-game)
    - Orbs for Uncommon Morphs (which is dropped by bosses)
    - Pure Aether for Rare Morphs (which is the premium currency you purchase using money)

    You can also get currencies via playing through the Challenge Modes in the game. (Boss Rush, Loot Runs and Powered Boss Modes)

    Each Darklet comes with different statistics that will add to your overall team stats, which includes stats like attack power and shield power. Some rare Darklets have Leader Skills as well, which will give you an additional boost in-game. You can also upgrade the Darklets which will increase their stats (til level 10), or Evolve by combining different Darklets to become a new powerful Darklet.

    Hmm. I guess for your basic team, you'd be able to morph new Darklets fairly easily (we also give free morphs everyday!) and if you want rare Darklets, you'd probably need to grind a lil for the currency required!
  11. Yes the game is F2P and we've got IAP in the game! We've got the different currencies you'd require to morph different Darklets, Ability Cores to collect and upgrade that gives you a boost in-game, as well as Consumables that will help you gain an advantage in Boss Rush Modes (because you can compete with your friends through the High Score Leaderboards).

    We've also got Energy Points that is consumed as you play the levels, as well as VIP rewards to claim if you've purchased enough Pure Aether (Premium Currency)!
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    Deff a fun game, graphics are nice, music is good
  13. Thank you!!! We'll try to make it better! XD
  14. Powers!

    Powers! There are 9 different powers that you can use and choose anytime in-game by tapping on the Power Button. Powers are tied to Darklets. If you have a Darklet that is of the Fire Elemental, Fire Power is automatically activated for your selection in-game.


    Elemental have a weakness to their opposite Elements, and will receive double damage from it.

    Air <-> Earth
    Water <-> Fire
    Mud <-> Electricity
    Magma <-> Ice

    Thus, when you're in the Air World, Earth Power is the most powerful by as it deals double damage. However, you can also upgrade the attack power by upgrading your Darklet so the more you upgrade, the more powerful they can be!
  15. World Map

    Here's a preview of our World Map! We've got over 100 levels, over 9 different worlds. Some icons are different because those are Boss Levels and you'll usually get better rewards if you defeat those levels.

  16. Hello! We're preparing for the iOS build right now and we hope to be able to release it real soon! Once we have the build out, we'll post an announcement here for sure!
  17. Finally ready for testing!

    Hi guys!

    It has been a while and I'm really happy to say that Dark Dot is finally ready for iOS!!! It has taken us quite a while due to committments but we're finally there. Before we release it fully for iOS, we'd like to humbly request your help to help us test the game on iOS devices.

    The recommended device requirements is from iPhone 5 onwards.

    If you'd like to participate in testing, please drop us a reply here with your email and we'll send you an invite. You can also send us an email to [email protected] and we'll register you as well!

    Once again, thank you and we hope to see you ingame soon!

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