‘PiKuBo’ Continues to Grow Unabated, Another Puzzle Pack Added Amidst Other Updates

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I feel like I just wrote about the last update for PiKuBo (Free) only a couple of weeks ago, and here we are again. If PiKuBo continues to grow at this rate, I predict the entire Earth itself will be swallowed up by November 23rd. We asked if we could get more puzzle packs, but we never stopped to ask if we should get more puzzle packs. Adequate intro. Let’s have a look-see at the latest update for this fun little 3D nonogram puzzler.

Okay, the expected part first: there is a new puzzle pack you can buy for $0.99, and it includes thirty-six more puzzles to solve, bringing the game’s total to a whopping two-hundred and sixteen! If my math is right! Which it might not be, because I do not get enough sleep at night. But whatever the precise number, it is certainly a lot.  Even better still, these are advanced puzzles. Yes, if you’re an expert at this kind of game and you’ve been wanting some puzzles with a bit more teeth, here you go. You’re going to get chomped. Advanced! The first pack with such a designation.

Wait, how do I know that? Did I simply play the puzzles and shoot from the hip about their difficulty, like some sort of fancy lad in a silk hat who assesses difficulty arbitrarily? No! I do not have a silk hat, and therefore I cannot disperse such judgements. You see, another part of this new update is that there is now a difficulty ranking for each pack that you can see from the pack selection menu. That way you know before you buy if it’s going to be a gentle rowboat ride on a calm summer morn, or a mighty battle with the Kraken itself. In puzzle terms, that is. It’s a metaphor.

A couple more things in here. UI things, I suppose. First is that you can now review how to play from the in-game menu, which admittedly is probably a good place to provide a way to check the rules. Second, there’s a new option you can toggle on or off that will allow your paint/destroy option to stay selected when rotating the puzzle. This was something I found a little annoying, though not so annoying as to mention. It’s nice to have the option in there so people can choose which way they prefer.

And that will about do it for this update to PiKuBo. I’m not going to cover every single time a puzzle pack hits the game because it looks like the cadence is going to be quite frequent, but if there are interesting additional elements in the update like there were today, I’ll be here again. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go chisel out some advanced puzzles. I am a super player! You can be one too if you play PiKuBo. But only at this game and similar games. It won’t make you good at clearing the Elden Ring expansion. Sorry. On your own there. PiKuBo.

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