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‘Heaven Burns Red’ English Release Announced, Published By Yostar

Free to play turn-based RPG Heaven Burns Red from WFS and Key (written by the legendary Jun Maeda who most know for Clannad) released in 2022 for iOS and Android in Japan with a PC version released later on Steam. A good friend of mine has played the Korean version a ton, and told me it was really good. I never bothered playing it as I didn’t think we’d see an official English release. A little while ago, a Twitter account was discovered that likely could be an English social account for Heaven Burns Red, but nothing was confirmed. Today, publisher Yostar announced that it will be handling the English release of Heaven Burns Red, revealed at Anime Expo 2024. Watch the Heaven Burns Red English announcement trailer below:

As of now, a Heaven Burns Red English release date hasn’t been announced, but I imagine we will learn about it soon following today’s Anime Expo 2024 announcement. Hopefully Heaven Burns Red releases on iOS, Android, and Steam in the West with cross progression. I’ve heard a lot about the story and the music in Heaven Burns Red, so it will be good to experience it in-game directly when it hopefully comes to iOS and Steam. Check out the official English website for Heaven Burns Red here. The official English announcement post is also here. Have you played Heaven Burns Red through its current release and will you be trying the English version when it arrives in the future?