‘Goat Simulator 3’ Summer Update Now Live on iOS and Android Bringing 28 New Pieces of Gear and More

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Following the release of its first major DLC on PC and consoles, Coffee Stain pushed out a new update for Goat Simulator 3 on mobile. If you’ve not gotten it yet, read my Goat Simulator 3 iPhone review here and my Steam Deck review here. Today’s new Goat Simulator 3 mobile update dubbed the “Summer Update" brings in 28 new pieces of themed gear in addition to forest fires and more. I’ve not had time to try the update yet, but the team has been improving the mobile port with regular updates. I’ll likely revisit the game once the DLC hits mobile as well, assuming it does. Check out the Goat Simulator 3 “Summer Update" mobile art below:

Coffee Stain previously also teased a Switch port. I hope the Goat Simulator 3 Multiverse of Nonsense DLC hits mobile in addition to Switch in the future. If you’d like to play the DLC, you can grab Goat Simulator 3 Multiverse of Nonsense on Steam here. If you’ve not gotten the base game yet on mobile, you can buy Goat Simulator 3 on the App Store for iOS here on Google Play for Android here. If you want to try other games in the series, they are all here on the developer page on the App Store. These include Goat Simulator PAYDAY, Goat Simulator Waste of Space, Goat Simulator MMO Simulator, Goat Simulator GoatZ, and Goat Simulator itself. If you’d rather get them on Steam, check out the full bundle here. Have you played Goat Simulator 3 on mobile yet, and what do you think of today’s update?

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