Nonogram Puzzler ‘PiKuBo’ Updates with New Level Pack, UI Improvements, and More

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Look, I know not every single update needs me to come rushing out and shouting as I run up and down the street in my underpants, but when I like a game I will tend to find any excuse to bring it up in polite company. And who, dear reader, could be more polite company than all of you? Hence, here I am to let all of you know that the highly enjoyable 3D Picross-style puzzle game PiKuBo (Free) has a spiffy new update you might be keen to check out. Some finer details are inside if you click. Please click.

The most obvious thing in this update is that like in the one before it, new puzzles can be purchased. One new puzzle pack, filled to the brim with thirty-six lovely 3D objects to chisel out, awaits. You’ll have to drop $0.99 for the pleasure, but that’s like three cents a puzzle. That’s a wild value, if you ask me. Three cents can’t even get you a gummi bear anymore. Not even one of those super-small ones that is barely big enough to crest two teeth.

The other elements of this new version are found in the UI, and they are there for all to enjoy without paying more. The top and bottom hints on the puzzle cubes will now rotate based on the orientation you’re viewing them at, which should make things a lot more readable at a glance. In addition you can now choose a puzzle by double-tapping on it. You can still use the old method of choosing it and then hitting the Go button if you like. The choices are a-plenty in these woods.

Finally, a bug was fixed. Oh no, that’s way too short for one paragraph. Um. It was a rendering issue, apparently. Parents didn’t raise him right, and he went bad. Started displaying text incorrectly in the pause menu. There was nothing they could do. He had to be taken down.  Let this be a lesson to all other bugs out there: you won’t win. Don’t try to be a cowboy about it. And that’s a paragraph!

Well, that’s about enough of my nonsense. PiKuBo! Fun game. New puzzle pack DLC with thirty-six levels to play. Sensible UI adjustments. Bug taken out back and escorted off the property. Not much more to say than that, so I’ll just be on my way. Shaun… out!

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