‘Diablo Immortal’ Writhing Abyss Update Now Available on iOS, Android, and PC

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Blizzard has just released a huge summer update for Diablo Immortal (Free), dubbed the ‘Writhing Abyss’ update bringing in two new PvE experiences, the Rune system, new equipment, recurring events beginning from tomorrow, and more. This Diablo Immortal update follows the major update bringing in the Tempest class. Diablo Immortal now has more endgame activities and systems in place with the game continuing to expand as a part of the Age of Unmaking. Check out the official update page for this patch here. Highlights include the Abyssal Verge open-world monster hunter challenges, Erbban (modelled after the Purge the Depths game mode), and the ability to now upgrade gear through Runes and additional affixes to legendary gear. Watch the Diablo Immortal update cinematic trailer below:

If you’ve not played the game in a while, check out the 2024 roadmap for what is due this year and more. You can get Diablo Immortal for free on the App Store for iOS here, Google Play for Android here, and PC here. Even though it has been a while since launch, I’m still curious to see if we get Diablo Immortal on Steam after Diablo 4 hit Valve’s storefront. What do you think of Diablo Immortal if you play it regularly and will you be trying out today’s update?

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