Apple Arcade Weekly Round-Up: Where Cards Fall For Apple Vision Pro Is Now Available Alongside Big Updates for Crayola Adventures, Bloons TD 6+, SpongeBob Patty Pursuit, and More

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This week, another notable Apple Arcade game has gotten an Apple Vision Pro release in Where Cards Fall (). It won an Apple Design Award back in 2020, and is now playable with tactile and accessible controls for Apple Vision Pro. It will feature natural gestures for controls, and remains one of the more interesting games available on the service from a few years ago. Alongside this major Apple Vision Pro game update, a few notable games have gotten content updates on Apple Arcade. Doodle God Universe has its summertime event on now with new elements and reactions. Crayola Adventures adds in The Open Road all-new story, World Music Day event, and a new poll for the month.

SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit is preparing for Plankton’s birthday with a new Tale of the Deep. You will be able to play as SpongeBob to help Plankton organize a surprise party here. Bloons TD 6+ adds its newest hero in Rosalia with Tikerton now available as a new beginner map. The Boss Rush team event is also available in-game now. LEGO DUPLO WORLD+ brings in animal routines like bath time, bedtime, and eating. The final notable update is Solitarie by MobilityWare+ bringing in improved and expanded Jigsaw events and Daily Streak tracking with rewards.

With the updates done, check out our forum threads for Where Cards Fall here, Doodle God Universe here, Crayola Adventures here, SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit here, Bloons TD 6+ here, LEGO DUPLO WORLD+ here, and Solitarie by MobilityWare+ here. Make sure to head over to our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussions on the new and older releases on the service. What do you think of the state of Apple Arcade right now?

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