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‘Magical Drop VI’ Mobile Version in the Works at Forever Entertainment for Release Through Crunchyroll on iOS and Android

Today, Forever Entertainment announced that Magical Drop VI, currently available on Nintendo Switch and PC, will be hitting PlayStation and Xbox platforms on June 14th. I was discussing this announcement on Discord, and user Oregano linked me to an announcement of the game for mobile that happened over a week ago. I completely missed this, and it confirms that Crunchyroll will be releasing Forever Entertainment’s Magical Drop VI on iOS and Android. It is planned for release this year. Magical Drop VI is the newest entry in the classic Japanese arcade game series, and it released in April last year on Switch and PC. As with a few recent Forever Entertainment releases, Magical Drop VI improved a lot through a notable update. Watch the gameplay trailer for it below:

Magical Drop VI currently has 15 playable characters with new ones in DLC, six game modes, local and online multiplayer support, and many challenges included. The mobile version through Crunchyroll hasn’t officially been revealed aside from this agreement which is on Forever Entertainment’s own investor page. I hope the mobile version includes online multiplayer support. If you’re curious how the game was at launch, read Shaun’s review of the Switch version here. I never got around to getting the game and might wait for the mobile version unless I decide to buy a Switch physical version if that ever gets a largescale release. Have you played Magical Drop VI yet on any platform?

Update: Changed the release date for PlayStation and Xbox to June 14th after Forever Entertainment issued a correction.