Diablo Immortal’s Tempest Class Is Now Available on iOS, Android, and PC Worldwide

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Following its reveal, Blizzard has released the eight class for Diablo Immortal (Free) today in the form of the Tempest, who is now available on mobile and PC platforms. The Tempest is a dual blade wielding class that can use wind and waves across enemies. The Tempest’s unique passive skill is Zephyr Conjuration, and players can sample the Tempest by heading to The Cold Isles. With today’s Diablo Immortal Tempest update, the Paragon Network has been reworked to be easier and more flexible as well. Check out all the details for Diablo Immortal’s Tempest class and this update here. A class-tailored quest is also live today. Watch the Tempest origin and gameplay trailers below:

If you’ve not played the game in a while, check out the 2024 roadmap for what is due this year and more. You can get Diablo Immortal for free on the App Store for iOS here, Google Play for Android here, and PC here. It has been a while since launch, but I’m still curious to see if we get Diablo Immortal on Steam after Diablo 4 hit Valve’s storefront a little while ago. What do you think of Diablo Immortal if you play it regularly and do you like what you see of the Tempest class?

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