‘Katana Zero’ Is Now Available on iOS and Android Through Netflix Games

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Following its soft launch a few weeks ago, Katana Zero (Free) from Askiisoft and Devolver Digital is now available worldwide on iOS and Android through Netflix games. Katana Zero is a stylish action-platformer that has a superb soundtrack. Before playing it, I was curious how it would control, and the end result is really well after a bit of getting used to it. Some buttons for the menus are a bit too small still, but the actual gameplay is great. If you’ve not played it at all, I’ve always called it Sekiro x Hotline Miami even though Katana Zero is so much more. Out of all of Devolver Digital’s games, this is one I didn’t expect to hit mobile ever given the controls, but I’m glad the team pulled it off. Watch the Katana Zero Netflix trailer below:

If you’d like to play Katana Zero and have an active Netflix subscription, you can get it on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Check out our forum thread for Katana Zero here. Katana Zero is priced at $14.99 on Nintendo Switch and Steam. Make sure to listen to the soundtrack here as well. With Hades and Katana Zero both now available, I’m curious to see what the next big indie is to arrive on the service. Have you played Katana Zero on Steam or consoles yet and will you be playing it on mobile through Netflix?


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