TouchArcade Game of the (Last) Week: ‘Warbits Plus’

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So, long story short: I was traveling all week last week with a planned return of Friday afternoon. I had a delayed flight, which caused me to miss a connecting flight, and well it was a long day and I got home much too late to post a Game of the Week. I also had a Mother’s Day camping trip planned which we’d be leaving for very early Saturday morning, and I didn’t get home from THAT until late on Monday evening. All that is to say huge aplogies for the lateness of this post! But I’ve never missed a Game of the Week before and I wasn’t planning on starting now. (Side note: I had zero connectivity while camping, and 3 days entirely off the grid did wonders for my soul, I highly suggest it.)

Anyway! Game of the Week! It’s Warbits Plus! It’s great! It saved my sanity during my travel nightmare, which earns it bonus points, but it was already winning my heart before all that. Technically it won my heart the better part of a decade ago when the original version launched in 2016, as I chose it as the Game of the Week back then as well. Unfortunately that original version fell into disrepair over the years, and due to the nature of the technology used to build it, it required a complete rewrite from the ground up. Hence the “plus" in Warbits Plus.

However, if you were familiar with the original game then Warbits Plus feels like returning to your childhood home. I haven’t played the original in many years, and it’s hard for me to pinpoint exactly what’s different or new content-wise, but it’s been so long that this has felt like experiencing Warbits for the first time all over again, which has been a joy. When so many players back in the day were pining for an Advance Wars-like on mobile, Warbits was the one that truly delivered, but it did so with its own personality and style and also felt perfectly suited to the touchscreen.

If you have no previous experience with Warbits, well, then you’re really in for a treat with Warbits Plus. A meaty single-player Campaign and a Challenge mode featuring skirmish and puzzle levels will keep you occupied for a good long time, but it’s the game’s map editor as well as its robust suite of local, AI, and online multiplayer options that might keep this around on your device for many years to come. Oh, and the game is also set to launch on Steam soon and all its online stuff should work cross-platform with the mobile versions. Just an incredible package all around, and for a very reasonable one-time cost of five bucks with no IAP shenanigans. Truly a deserving Game of the Week, even if it is a few days late.

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