A Blink in Time Saves Nine in the Latest ‘Marvel Snap’ Season, Starting Today

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After a lengthy but satisfying visit with the Thunderbolts, it’s time for Marvel Snap (Free) to turn the page to its next season. Fortunately, this one appears to not be a tie-in to a movie that got delayed a year. Well, maybe it is… in another reality. We would have to ask Marvel’s experts on the matter, The Exiles, and luckily for us the new season is all about them. A Blink in Time is the name, and we’ve got all the details for you along with some light analysis.

First of all, as ever, the charming Mr. Ben Brode and the folks at developer Second Dinner have produced a very funny and informative video introducing the season. If you have the time and inclination to watch it, I recommend you do. It goes over everything from top to bottom, and we even get to see an alternate universe Ben! If you want the details in text form however, I’ve got your back.

Okay, let’s go over the new characters first since that’s the main course. As one might expect from a season themed around The Exiles, the Season Pass card this time around is Blink. She’s a 5-Cost 7-Power card with an On Reveal ability that swaps the last card you played for a higher Cost card from your deck. Wow, looks like Lockjaw has a new pal! As is typical with Season Pass cards, you can only get Blink during this season by plunking down your $9.99 or equivalent for the pass. You’ll get Blink and a bunch of other goodies for your trouble.

On to the new weekly cards. First up is Nocturne. She’s a 3-Cost 5-Power card, and you can move her once just like her papa Nightcrawler. But just like her mama Scarlet Witch, she has some reality-changing powers. The location you move her from will be replaced with a new random location. Nifty! And also very chaotic. I can’t wait to see how people use her.

Sage is a 3-Cost 0-Power card, and I know when people see 0-Power they wonder what the shenanigans are. Sage is another grower type card, with an On Reveal ability that gives her +2 Power for every card of different Power at the location. Potentially six Power then, which is nothing to sneeze at. I don’t know, though.  Her ability seems very situational for how much Power you can potentially gain.

Next is Namora, and she’s got me really thinking. She’s 5-Cost 6-Power, and like her cousin her ability is tied to being lonely. She’ll give +5 to all of your cards that are alone at other locations On Reveal, and I can see her being combined with Wongers and/or Odin for some real chicanery. Kind of the new Black Panther, but with very different potential.

The season is rounded out with Sasquatch, a 6-Cost 10-Power bruiser that costs one less for each card you played in the previous turn. Sasquatch is going to be clutch anchor for decks built around playing tons of cards like Bounce, Patriot Zoo, or Swarm Discard. Yet another reason to pack Shang-Chi before going out, I reckon.

Okay, how about the new locations? There are two: the Panoptichron and Cancun. The Panoptichron makes it so that cards that didn’t start in your deck get +2 Power, while Cancun makes it so that Power at the location doesn’t count towards winning the game. That’s… that’s weird. I wonder how that will work? I guess we’ll see!

On top of that, all the usual other goodies will be in play. New Variants, new Spotlight Caches, new Twitch Drops, new Shop Takeovers, and all that. I’d imagine we’ll be seeing a new balance update pretty soon as well, but I’ll have to fill you in on that in another story.

So yes, let’s party like it’s someone else’s reality and we don’t have to clean up the mess! Do any of these new cards sound like they’ll fit in your deck plans? What do you think of the new locations? Should Chibi-Ben replace Ben Prime forever? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for our May Deck Guide to help you stay on top of the meta!


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