New ‘Hello Kitty Island Adventure’ Update Celebrates the Month of Meh With Yolks All Over the Island, the Return of the Tophat Gudetama, and More

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Sunblink and Sanrio have just released a new update for Hello Kitty Island Adventure () on Apple Arcade. While this update doesn’t bring in a new area, it adds support for the Month of Meh celebration event that should go live later tonight or tomorrow depending on your timezone. The event will see yolks all over Friendship Island. You can bring them to the shrine for special rewards. The event also spotlights gudetama the lazy egg with Nisetama-san joining the island for this Month of Meh event. The Egg Pan cooking station is available to cook Crepes, Tarts, and Omelets for friends on the island. The final notable parts of the update include the TOPHAT gudetama returning letting you sort out any remaining rewards and achievements you needed, and Chococat and Tuxedosam’s birthdays coming up in May. Watch the newest Hello Kitty Island Adventure update trailer below:

If you’ve not gotten Hello Kitty Island Adventure yet, you can grab it here on Apple Arcade. Check out Shaun’s Hello Kitty Island Adventure Apple Arcade review here. Read his interview with Sunblink about the game and more here. Hello Kitty Island Adventure was one of our best iOS games of 2023 as well. It continues to get big updates following the launch, and I’m interested to see what the next major content update brings for the game. What do you think of Hello Kitty Island Adventure if you play it regularly?

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