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Mobile RPG Based on Falcom’s Trails Series ‘Trails of Cold Steel: Northern War’ Getting Global Launch Next Month

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UserJoy Japan just announced that the mobile RPG Trails of Cold Steel: Northern War (Free) a global launch next month on May 29th (via @KaroshiMyriad on Twitter) following its debut in select regions. Trails of Cold Steel: Northern War is a smartphone RPG based on the anime that was originally announced in late 2022. Trails of Cold Steel: Northern War features the story from the anime and will have original story portions (via Gematsu). Despite adoring Falcom’s Trails of Cold Steel series, I didn’t bother even trying the Japanese version of the game or watching the anime since I’ve been let down too many times by mediocre anime adaptations of games or franchises I’ve liked. Watch the global launch trailers for

Details for pre-registration rewards are up here. These include an SSR Elie MacDowell (one of my favorite characters in the series), free pulls, and more. If you’d like to play Trails of Cold Steel: Northern War at launch when it gets its global release, you can pre-order it on the App Store for iOS here and pre-register for it on Google Play for Android here. Trails of Cold Steel: Northern War will be a free to play game with various “Hero Limited Pack" in app purchases and daily packs available as per the App Store listing. The Trails of Cold Steel: Northern War download size right now is listed as 1.93GB as well though the full game might vary based on updates and content within the game itself. Have you played the Trails of Cold Steel games on PC or console yet and what do you think of Trails of Cold Steel: Northern War?

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