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New ‘Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop’ Gameplay Trailer Showcases Game Modes and Teases New Characters Coming in Updates

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Following Apple’s announcement of April 2024’s new games headlined by a brand-new exclusive Puyo Puyo game in the form of Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop, Sega has released a new gameplay trailer for it. Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop launches on April 4th exclusively for Apple Arcade, and the new trailer goes over the game modes, multiplayer, tutorials, and also ends with a teaser for new characters and modes coming in future updates. I’m curious to see how much content is included in Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop at launch. We’ve had some games release with what feels like cut down content to push out updates. Since this is the first Puyo Puyo game in the West in a while, I hope it makes a good first impression. Watch the new Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop overview trailer for Apple Arcade below:

As shown in the trailer and revealed with the game’s original announcement, Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop will have online multiplayer for up to four players in total. It will also have a narrative, photo mode, and more when it launches. If you’d like to play Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop and have an active Apple Arcade subscription, you can sign up here to be notified for when it goes live or have it downloaded. Check out the official Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop website here. I’ll definitely be playing Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop when it arrives next week. What do you think of Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop and did you play the localized Puyo Puyo Tetris games?

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