The 10 Best Western RPGs for Nintendo Switch in 2024

Well, here’s a category I haven’t gone back to for quite some time. Our original list of the ten best Western RPGs for Nintendo Switch dates all the way back to 2021, which means we are well past overdue to append another ten on top of that. That is what this list is, of course. It adds to the original list rather than replace it, so if you’re wondering where Skyrim or Baldur’s Gate II are, they’re over there. These are ten more games, a couple that missed the cut last time and a whole bunch that weren’t even out back then. In no particular order, here are ten more Western RPGs worth considering for your collection.

Pillars of Eternity ($49.99)

This game didn’t make the list last time because I wasn’t fully comfortable with how buggy it was, but its final patch fixed up enough that I’m okay with it being here on the second list. It really is a great game, even if you’ll have to put up with some bugs and crashes now and then. The story is great, the characters are a lot of fun, and the gameplay is top-notch. It almost perfectly hits the “classic computer RPG" spot, and it’s frequently on sale at a very deep discount.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic ($14.99)

Licensed games aren’t usually terribly good, but sometimes the stars align and the right license finds the right developer in the right genre, and some real magic happens. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is one of those times. It’s not just a fun Star Wars game, it’s also an excellent RPG that perfectly straddles Bioware’s roots in computer RPGs and its more accessible console offerings. You get to do all kinds of cool Star Wars things, all while playing out a tale that easily outshines at least half of the actual films.

Risen ($29.99)

One big boon to the Switch-owning fan of Western RPGs has been the arrival of Piranha Bytes’ titles on the platform. They’re incredibly rough around the edges, but there’s just something to them that grabs you. Risen sets you on an adventure on the island of Faranga, a location filled with mysteries, interesting characters, plenty of trouble, and a lot of ways to get into said trouble. As games from this developer go, Risen is actually pretty easy to get into and enjoy. One can only hope the sequels follow at some point.

Gothic II Complete Classic ($29.99)

And here’s the game that, to an extent, made people start paying attention to Piranha Bytes. Sure, the first Gothic is a fine game in its own right and certainly worthy of consideration for Switch owners, but Gothic II expands on it in smart ways while also sanding off a few rough edges. The atmosphere and story are both quite compelling as this sort of thing goes, making this a fine adventure to lose yourself in for hours. But, you know, also pick up the first Gothic. As with Risen, I hope we see the next chapter in the series on Switch too.

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut ($39.99)

Disco Elysium is probably the most unique game in this entire list, and this is a list that has lightsaber-wielding space knights in it. It’s also increasingly looking like it’s going to be a one-off, but if that’s the case it just makes it all the more special. You play as a detective with amnesia who is trying to solve a murder case, and like most protagonists with amnesia you’re going to be facing some major revelations as your memory starts to come back. There isn’t a whole lot of combat to this one, but there’s a lot more to an RPG than fighting. An absolutely brilliant must-play, and it plays very well on the Switch.

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Royal Edition ($49.99)

For those looking for a game similar to Skyrim that is more than different enough to be its own thing, Kingdom Come Deliverance might be what you’re after. It’s less concerned with making you feel like a big hero and more about making you face the realities of living in a certain time and place. You’re going to be just as busy keeping your belly full and your wounds treated as you will be chasing any sort of heroic glory. Not a taste for everyone, but there isn’t much else like it on Switch.

Atom RPG ($22.99)

We don’t have the original Fallout on the Switch, but we have a few of its progeny. Atom RPG is an indie take on the idea of the post-nuclear apocalypse setting, and it has a lot of crunchy bits for people who love crunchy old-school computer RPGs. This game was heavily built around a PC interface, so you’ll have to wrestle with a cumbersome UI if you want to play it on the Switch. Is it worth it? Well, if this is a place where you’ll play it, then it’s worth doing so. Not for everyone, but sometimes these “not for everyone" RPGs are a whole lot to someone out there. Maybe that’s you.

Diablo III: Eternal Collection ($59.99)

This got left off the first list because we were planning to include it in another one. You know, a more click-click-clicky one. I don’t remember if we ever did or not, but even if it did end up on some other list I think it bears mentioning for anyone looking for a Western RPG to play. Diablo II and Torchlight II are also great choices for this kind of game, but I think Diablo III is the one that has the most to offer at this point. An absolute wealth of things to do, and it takes to the Switch like a duck to water. A cow to dungeons? I don’t know. It’s good.

The Outer Worlds ($29.99)

This isn’t the only game on this list where the Switch version is perhaps the… less optimal way to enjoy it, but I’m still going to put it here. The Outer Worlds tries to apply the Fallout New Vegas style to a sci-fi setting, and it succeeds to an extent. Perhaps not as much as one would hope, but it’s a big chunky game that is well worth exploring. Just keep in mind that even after all the patches, this version can really look and run rough at times. Again, nothing else quite like it on the platform, which gives it some extra points.

Shadowrun Trilogy ($39.99)

I was initially going to recommend Dragonfall on its own, but look, this whole trilogy is still worth playing despite its ups and downs. It does a great job of recreating the feel of the Shadowrun universe, whatever that may mean to you. Callbacks to previous video games based on the property, a strong realization of the setting, and some quality strategic gameplay with solid stories backing it all. You get a lot of game for one reasonable price with this set.

That’s the lot for this time, friends. What do you think of this list? Are there any games you would add to it? Anything you think really shouldn’t be here? You know what to do. We have those comments sections below for you to give your opinions, suggest more games, and call me a bozo if that’s your druthers. Whatever the case, thanks for reading!