‘Hades’ Is Now Available Worldwide on iOS Through Netflix Games

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Supergiant Games and Netflix have finally released Hades on iOS worldwide. If you’ve not played it through its PC and console versions so far, Hades (Free) is a brilliant rogue-like dungeon crawler that has won a ton of awards through the years. It was available as a soft launch, but is now available worldwide for all Netflix subscribers on iOS. It is worth noting that this is the first Netflix Games release not available on Android. I have Hades installed on every platform, and I’ve been revisiting it despite nearly getting 100% completion before to get back into the grind for the iOS version which I’ve been playing for review. So far, it feels excellent and plays surprisingly well with touch controls. Watch the Hades iOS Netflix Games trailer below:

Hades on iOS via Netflix Games offers 60fps performance, redesigned menus and interfaces, fully customizable controls, controller support, cloud saves, achievements, and offline play. If you’d like to grab Hades on iOS and have an active Netflix subscription you can download it on the App Store for iOS here. Check out our forum thread for it here. Hades is one of the most gorgeous and smoothest games on the Steam Deck OLED as well. Stay tuned for my full Hades iOS review covering it and comparing it with every other current version. Have you played Hades on console or PC so far, and will you be trying it out on Netflix today?

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