The Latest Update for ‘Marvel Snap’ Adds New UI Features, Makes Balance Changes, and More

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Isn’t that always how it goes? You wait and wait for a balance update to come before you send out your latest guide, and then a few hours after you publish it? Boom, update time. Well, luckily this latest version of Marvel Snap (Free) doesn’t change too much of what I put in there, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some big changes. For once, they’re not all just balance changes to cards. But there are lots of those, too! Let’s have a look, shall we?

We always talk about the cards first, so let’s change things up and talk about new UI features. First up, you can now take a peek at the Graveyard during your matches. Tap on your avatar where you would normally find your emotes and you’ll now see buttons that say Destroyed or Discarded. Tap on them and you can see which of your cards have been destroyed or discarded during your match. You can tap on your opponent’s avatar to see theirs, too. Handy!

Another big feature: you can now take back ending your turn, provided your opponent hasn’t ended theirs yet. Wow, that is a life saver! I tend to end my turns a bit hastily, and I regret it often enough that I have wished for this feature. There’s also a new Custom Border feature that allows you to mix and match elements on your favorite cards to make them look the way you want. Rounding this stuff out, there’s a new Gold Pass in case you want to exchange more of your real money for Gold. Thirty days’ worth! I don’t know. Someone will buy it.

Some cards have new visual and audio elements as of this update. Deadpool, Legion, Moon Girl, Psylocke, and Darkhawk are now a little spiffier to look at and listen to. Rounding out the aspects that don’t involve tinkering with cards, some locations have been made rarer, some wording in locations has been changed to make things more consistent, and a whole whack of bugs have been fixed. Okay, over to the cards.

Buffs first! Elsa Bloodstone has her groove back. Her ability has been reverted so that it now hits all locations instead of just the one she’s played at. To compensate a little, her stats go from 2-Cost 3-Power to 3-Cost 3-Power. Miek’s ability has been refreshed, and he now simply gains +1 Power whenever you discard a card, and will be able to move to a location of your choosing on the next turn. Simple and clean.

What else is in the buff bag? Cable, I guess? He got kicked up from being a 2-Cost card a while back and I noticed his usage went way down. Well, he’s back now. Cable moves from 3-Cost 4-Power to 2-Cost 3-Power, which means he gained a point of Power out of this little journey. This is meant to replace Mantis’ role, as her ability no longer draws a card from the opponent’s deck but rather copies one of the cards played at the location this turn into your hand, if any have been. Mantis is now a 2-Cost 2-Power card instead of 2-Cost 3-Power.

M’Baku gets a little boost in usefulness, though I could see how it might backfire. Instead of just jumping out to a random location at the end of a match, he’ll now jump to the location where you have the least Power, provided it isn’t full. I, uh, sure hope he doesn’t do that with a location where less Power wins the spot. Yondu gets a change that is purposeful, but we’ll see how it works out for him. Instead of destroying the top card of the opponent’s deck, he’ll now take out the lowest-Cost card in the deck. Hm.

In the category of definite nerfs, we’ve got one Thanos change here. The Time Stone used to have an On Reveal ability that allowed you to draw a card and get +1 Energy on your next turn. It now draws a card and reduces that card’s Cost by 1. Still an extra point of Energy from a certain point of view, but you don’t have the freedom to apply it wherever. Leech on the other hand gets a big thwack with the bat. His ability is now an On Reveal that removes the text from On Reveal cards only in your opponent’s hand. His target is much more specific now, but you can use him on other turns if you like.

That’s the lot for this update, but I think that’s plenty for this week. It’s probably a good thing that the Mad Titan is getting weakened a little, and I know personally I won’t miss Leech foiling my plans. I do feel for those of you who use him a lot, though. Yondu… I don’t think that’s a great change for Yondu players, but we’ll see. What do you think of this update? Any changes to your decks? Let us know in the comments below!


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