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Roguelite Platformer ‘Skul: The Hero Slayer’ Is Coming to Mobile on June 4th From Playdigious With Pre-Orders Now Live

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The Southpaw Games-developed and the Neowiz-published roguelite platformer Skul: The Hero Slayer ($7.99) is coming to mobile this June from Playdigious as a premium release. Skul: The Hero Slayer launched back in 2021 on PC and consoles, and it has gone on to sell over 2 million units so far across platforms. In Skul: The Hero Slayer, you play as a skeleton slaying heroes to save the demon king from the army of Carleon. It features lovely 2D animations with a pixel art aesthetic and Playdigious’ mobile version will arrive with many of the platform-specific features it usually brings to ports. These include a revamped interface for mobile, Game Center achievements, cloud save support, MFi controller support, and iPhone 15 series optimizations. Watch the Skul: The Hero Slayer mobile announcement trailer below:

Skul: The Hero Slayer launches on June 4th worldwide with pre-orders and pre-registrations now live. If you’d like to play it at launch, you can pre-order or pre-register for a 10% discount. Skul: The Hero Slayer is priced at $19.99 on PC and consoles. The mobile version will be $7.99 with a launch discount bringing it to $7.19. Check Skul: The Hero Slayer out on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. If you aren’t seeing the pages live yet, they should go up within the next few hours at most with the global rollout for App Store and Google Play pages. Have you played Skul: The Hero Slayer on PC or console before, and will you be getting it on mobile this June?

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