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‘Job Simulator’ and ‘Vacation Simulator’ From Owlchemy Labs Are Coming Soon to Apple Vision Pro As Premium Releases

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been seeing many games get announced or updated for Apple Vision Pro. These spatial experiences have released on the App Store and Apple Arcade, but it looks like one of the most popular VR games is coming with its successor. Owlchemy Labs just announced that it is bringing both Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator to Apple Vision Pro. While a release date was announced, Owlchemy Labs confirmed that Job Simulator will be priced at $19.99 and Vacation Simulator will be priced at $29.99 when they both launch. Both games are out on multiple VR platforms right now. Watch the trailer for the newest platform launch of Job Simulator below:

If you’ve not played them on anything yet, Job Simulator takes place in a world where robots have taken over all human jobs. Humans now take part in simulations of said jobs with some “humorous interpretations" of how said jobs used to be before. The Apple Vision Pro version includes the Infinite Overtime free content update as well. Vacation Simulator on the other hand is set on a vacation island where robots learn about taking time off. The Apple Vision Pro version includes the Back to Job free content update. Check out the official Job Simulator website here and Vacation Simulator website here. Have you played Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator before on any platform and what do you think of more VR games hitting Apple Vision Pro?