SwitchArcade Round-Up: ‘Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II’, ‘PlateUp!’, Plus Today’s Other Releases and Sales

Hello gentle readers, and welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up for February 15th, 2024. In today’s article, we take a look at the big list of Thursday releases. Sure, we didn’t get any surprises, but there are still a lot of interesting games to consider today. After that, we have our now-standard lists of new sales and expiring discounts for the day. Let’s get to business!

New Releases

Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II ($49.99)

Oh, hi Death Mark. The cult horror adventure series comes back for another go around, and if you checked out Mikhail’s review a couple of days ago, you know it’s worth the trip. There has been something strange in some Tokyo neighborhoods, and while I know who you want to call, they can’t really afford the plane fare. So we have to rely on the Spirit Doctor to settle things, with a bit of help from you. If you like mystery horror stories, this is one you’ll want to take a closer look at.

GUNVOLT RECORDS: Cychronicle ($14.99)

This series has gotten pretty far away from its “Mega Man we have at home" origins at this point. Well, that’s not a bad thing. It led to this rhythm game spin-off, which is a natural step given how large a role music plays in the series. You get fifteen different songs to play, and there are more coming in the future as DLC. Naturally, there’s plenty of fan service in here for Gunvolt fans as well. I’m not one hundred percent sure, but our pal Mikhail might be doing a review of this one. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

Arcade Archives Master of Weapon ($7.99)

This week’s Arcade Archives title is another shooter, and another relatively obscure one. That’s despite it being a Taito release from 1989, hardly a shadowy publisher or era. Anyway, it’s a vertically-scrolling shoot-em-up, it had a really bad Mega Drive port in Japan, and while this arcade version is better it’s not exactly up to the usual standards of Taito’s work in the genre. I think there are a lot of better choices for this sort of thing in the Arcade Archives line-up, but part of the fun of this stuff is in discovering games you haven’t played before, and there’s a good chance this is that for most of you.

EGGCONSOLE Ys PC-8801mkIISR ($6.49)

Important note: while the menus and wrapper have an English option, the in-game text for the most part is only in Japanese. And since it’s Ys, that does matter a bit. If you already know your way around the game from one of the many versions that made it to the West, you should be fine here. It’s pretty neat to see the roots of the series, and how fully formed it is even here in its very first outing. An interesting pick-up for students of gaming history. I’ll be reviewing it soon.

PlateUp! ($19.99)

At first blush this looks like yet another spin on Overcooked, and that is certainly part of this game. Up to four players can join in on the cooking and serving mayhem via local or online multiplayer, just like in the game this pays homage to. It also has a management component, however. So you have to build up your restaurant, picking up equipment for it and deciding where to place it. I’d imagine this end of the game isn’t too in-depth, or else it would slow down the multiplayer fun. Still, it’s a differentiating factor and that counts for something.

Maid of the Dead ($19.99)

Phew, that’s a pretty stiff price for a Vampire Survivors-style game. Maybe they’re counting on the maid factor to help it get attention? The main twist here is that you can use special bullets on maids who are being zombified to turn them to your side. Otherwise, it’s a maids-and-Akihabara coat of paint on the familiar concept.

Banchou Tactics ($19.99)

Here’s another game that applies a modern-ish Japan spin on a familiar genre. This one takes on the turn-based tactical RPG genre, but instead of knights and wizards you’ve got high school delinquents. That’s… actually really cool? The developer cites the manga Crows as an inspiration for the theme, and you can certainly see that in action. As an example of the genre it’s fairly middling, but the unique, well-realized theme kicks it up a solid notch or two. If you like the sound of it, you’ll probably have a good time here.

Genso Chronicles ($14.99)

Wow, it’s Fantasy Chronicle! That’s an oldie, but a pretty decent one. This Kemco published, Hit-Point developed RPG first released back in 2010 on iOS, which makes this a bonafide retro game in this writer’s opinion. And to be frank, you can feel its age when you play it. Very limited visuals, very simple story, very simple gameplay mechanics, and yet oddly compelling. Would I recommend it in the current year? Hm. More than some games from this publisher, but certainly not with much vigor. Still, if you have some nostalgia for it, don’t let me get in the way.

Witch’s Rhythm Puzzle ($4.99)

A competitive puzzle game with a rhythm component, but one meant for a single player only. You have to defeat cute witches, apparently. Also you play as a cute witch. When someone loses, their clothes get all ripped up. Yes, it’s one of those. The puzzle part looks extremely straightforward, so unless you’re drawn to the lewd elements, I’m not sure why you would choose this over, say, something like Puyo Puyo Champions. At least that one will let you play against another human, you know? Well, I’ll leave it up to you. The price is good, if nothing else.

Swords and Adventures ($6.50)

Swords and adventures? In this economy? Absurd. At any rate, this is a fairly basic RPG where you choose between three characters and go on a quest. You’ll engage in battles, find new equipment, and roll a lot of virtual dice. It’s not a very long game by any stretch, but you get an hour or two out of each character at least. If you’re looking for a light RPG at a relatively light price, this will do that job.

Birth ($10.99)

Well, this is an odd one. Birth is a puzzle adventure where you play as someone who has decided to combat their feelings of loneliness by making a friend. Literally. You have to explore the city looking for bones, organs, and other bits. You’ll then use them to create a companion. The art style is very striking, and there’s some real punch to its themes. Certainly not for everyone, but for some players it’s going to be a great experience.

Twilight Survivors ($2.99)

And here’s another Vampire Survivors style game today. A much cheaper one, so that’s something going for it. By the looks of things, Twilight Survivors plays things pretty straight with the concept. Personally, I’m not sure I could find a reason to play this over the real thing or a better riff like Brotato, but at the same time I can’t argue that three bucks is some egregious spend for a bit of fun. It’s up to you how much more of this particular dish you need.

Pretty Girls Klondike Solitaire PLUS ($5.99)

The Pretty Girls are back, and this time it’s Klondike Solitaire! Again! Plus! You know how this works by now. Play whatever game has been offered up and unlock new costumes and art for the extremely well-endowed ladies. I’d imagine most people have made up their minds on this series by now, so I’ll keep on rolling to the next thing. It’s here, it’s out, do what you will with it.

Party Party Time 2 ($5.00)

Another round of party game fun from SAT-BOX, for up to six players locally or four players online. It’s exactly what you would expect, offering up a new selection of minigames to play. No, it doesn’t offer the volume of something like Mario Party, but the price is so low that it won’t take much time to get your money’s worth out of it. I suppose that’s the sales pitch.

Hex Cats ($2.99)

A cute puzzle game where you have to rotate hex pieces to “untangle" the yarn that the kittens have messed up. The layouts vary in size and complexity, and I think if you enjoy this sort of puzzle you’ll be satisfied with what you get for your money here.

Membal ($11.99)

Build and explore a town filled with animals and play more than twenty-five minigames designed to test your memory. That sounds awfully educational! I’ll allow it, though. The art in this one is very charming, and it seems to have a decent amount of things to do in it. My memory is shot these days, but if yours is in better shape then you might want to give this a go.

Legendary Tales: Stories ($6.99)

Search for the hidden objects… in a world of magic!

The Bin Bunch

Last 4 Survive: The Outbreak ($14.99)

Lo-Fi Haiku: Coffee and Chill ($6.90)

Hentai Girls: College Crush ($5.99)

TOP Web Search 23 ($2.29)

Line Color World ($2.99)


(North American eShop, US Prices)

Some pretty good games on sale today, if I do say so. And I do! Sumire for two bucks is a real deal, and there are plenty of NISA games worth considering as well. NieR: Automata is another good pick-up, and indie favorites No Man’s Sky and Cult of the Lamb are never bad to grab when they’re on sale like this. Speaking of indies, plenty of them are wrapping up their latest sales over in the outbox. Have a look through both lists!

Select New Sales

Sumire ($1.99 from $9.99 until 2/21)
No Man’s Sky ($29.99 from $59.99 until 2/26)
Cult of the Lamb ($14.99 from $24.99 until 2/26)
Digaea 7 Digital Deluxe ($59.99 from $79.99 until 2/26)
CRYSTAR ($29.99 from $49.99 until 2/26)
Yomawari: Lost in the Dark ($19.99 from $39.99 until 2/26)
Rhapsody: Marl Kingdom Chronicles ($32.49 from $49.99 until 2/26)
CRYMACHINA ($41.99 from $59.99 until 2/26)
GrimGrimoire OnceMore ($34.99 from $49.99 until 2/26)
Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society ($32.49 from $49.99 until 2/26)
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA ($19.99 from $39.99 until 2/26)
Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Digital Deluxe ($37.49 from $74.99 until 2/26)
MONARK ($29.99 from $59.99 until 2/26)
NieR: Automata The End of YoRHa Edition ($23.99 from $39.99 until 2/29)
Knights of the Rogue Dungeon ($7.99 from $9.99 until 3/1)

Dementium The Ward ($15.99 from $19.99 until 3/1)
Racoo Venture ($11.24 from $14.99 until 3/1)
Demolition Inc HD ($2.49 from $9.99 until 3/4)
The King’s Bird ($3.99 from $19.99 until 3/6)
Double Cross ($3.99 from $19.99 until 3/6)
Bite the Bullet ($2.99 from $14.99 until 3/6)
Blue Fire ($6.79 from $19.99 until 3/6)
Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion ($5.09 from $14.99 until 3/6)

Sales Ending Tomorrow, February 16th

Battle Stations Blockade ($6.99 from $9.99 until 2/16)
Breakers Collection ($9.99 from $19.99 until 2/16)
Brotato ($3.99 from $4.99 until 2/16)
Cardaclysm: Shards of the Four ($1.99 from $14.99 until 2/16)
Dr. Fetus’ Mean Meat Machine ($3.99 from $9.99 until 2/16)
Drizzlepath: Deja Vu ($2.44 from $6.99 until 2/16)
Empire of Angels IV ($7.99 from $19.99 until 2/16)
Fall of Porcupine ($9.99 from $19.99 until 2/16)
Far: Lone Sails ($2.09 from $14.99 until 2/16)
Forest Fire ($4.54 from $6.99 until 2/16)
GeoJelly ($5.49 from $10.99 until 2/16)
Growth ($6.99 from $9.99 until 2/16)
Hell Pie ($9.99 from $24.99 until 2/16)
Hexapoda ($6.49 from $12.99 until 2/16)
Itorah ($4.99 from $19.99 until 2/16)
Josh Journey: Darkness Totems ($6.99 from $13.99 until 2/16)

Lacuna ($1.99 from $19.99 until 2/16)
Let’s Build a Zoo ($10.99 from $19.99 until 2/16)
MotoGP 20 ($2.49 from $24.99 until 2/16)
Neko Journey ($5.99 from $9.99 until 2/16)
Orbital Bullet ($3.99 from $19.99 until 2/16)
Pizza Tycoon ($2.09 from $14.99 until 2/16)
Raven’s Hike ($1.99 from $3.99 until 2/16)
Rigid Force Redux ($4.99 from $19.99 until 2/16)
Runbow ($2.99 from $14.99 until 2/16)
Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story ($6.99 from $19.99 until 2/16)
SokoWinter ($3.49 from $4.99 until 2/16)
The House of Da Vinci 2 ($4.99 from $9.99 until 2/16)
The Inner World ($1.99 from $11.99 until 2/16)
Three Minutes to Eight ($9.74 from $14.99 until 2/16)
Torinto ($2.99 from $4.99 until 2/16)
Truberbrook ($1.99 from $29.99 until 2/16)
Under the Warehouse ($3.59 from $5.99 until 2/16)
Visco Collection ($13.99 from $19.99 until 2/16)
Wife Quest ($4.79 from $7.99 until 2/16)

That’s all for today, friends. We’ll be back tomorrow with the remaining releases of the week, including headliner Mario Vs. Donkey Kong. There should also be a decent bag of sales to sift through, but that’s up to the roll of the dice from where I’m sitting right now. I hope you all have a thrilling Thursday, and as always, thanks for reading!