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‘Death Stranding Director’s Cut’ on iOS and macOS Will Share the Same Server As the Steam Version, Kojima Productions Confirms

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Death Stranding Director’s Cut ($39.99) launches beginning January 30th worldwide on iPhone 15 Pro, iPad (M1 and later), and macOS (M1 and later). Leading up to the game’s new Apple platform launch, Kojima Productions and 505 Games have been revealing more about the upcoming port. Over the weekend, the team revealed that Death Stranding Director’s Cut on iOS and Mac will share the same server as the Steam and Epic versions of the game. This means the in-game Strand system for sharing content, sending likes, and more will now see Apple hardware added to the equation. The Steam version of the game has always been quite popular, so this is good news for newcomers playing on iOS and Mac with a game world already likely full of things to discover with hints, structures, and more left by other players.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is also getting a limited edition Backbone One USB-C 2nd Gen controller with its own look. This is going up for pre-order tomorrow. The Apple platform launch of Death Stranding Director’s Cut from Kojima Productions launches for iPhone 15 Pro, iPad (M1 and later), and macOS (M1 and later) on January 30th for $39.99 with a pre-order discount bringing it down to $19.99. Stay tuned for my review of the game covering the iPhone 15 Pro version. Have you played Death Stranding Director’s Cut before and will you be checking it out on iOS and Mac this week?


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