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The Viral Nintendo Switch Hit ‘Suika Game’ Is Now Officially Available on the App Store in Japan

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Happy new year everyone. What a way to start 2024 eh? One of the most popular Switch games right now, Suika Game ($2.99) AKA the watermelon game from Aladdin X, has hit the App Store officially. If you’ve not kept up with it, Suika Game exploded in popularity in 2023 thanks to vtubers like Korone and many more on Nintendo Switch. It has seen over 5 million downloads worldwide, and was even playable on mobile through the browser. Aladdin X surprised everyone with an official release of Suika Game on the App Store for iOS in Japan. This is a premium release priced at 240 Yen. I’m glad it finally hit mobile as an official app, but there’s sadly no word on an international release yet. Check out the announcement from the official Suika Game account below:

If you’d like to play Suika Game on iOS right now on the Japanese App Store, buy it here for 240 Yen. In addition to no word on an international release, there is no mention of Android yet. Suika Game originally released in Japan on Switch back in December 2021, and it finally saw an international release a few months ago for $2.99. Suika Game was the most downloaded game on the Japanese eShop for 2023 as well. Check out the official Japanese website for Suika Game here. If we do get word on an international release or plans for one, I’ll make sure to cover the news as soon as possible. I hope the wait isn’t too long. Have you been playing it on Switch?

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