‘Ghost Trick’ on iOS From Capcom Will Be Delisted on March 25th, the HD Remastered Version With No Save or Purchases Carrying Over Will Be Released

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Surprising almost no one, Capcom has announced that it will be delisting Ghost Trick (Free) on iOS on March 25th, 2024. Purchasing the game or in-app content will no longer be supported after that date. If you already own it or grab it before then, you should be able to play it and unlock achievements or re-download. One thing to note is compatibility with future versions of iOS isn’t guaranteed. Ghost Trick in particular out of Capcom’s mobile releases has been delisted on iOS many times to be updated for new versions of iOS and fixed. This version debuted back in 2010 so it will have had 14 years of support (not counting when it was delisted multiple times before of course), so a new HD version arriving is a good thing assuming this one will be supported.

After how the publisher brought the new version of the Ace Attorney Trilogy to mobile replacing the original game, I knew this would happen to Ghost Trick as well, and fully expect the remaining Ace Attorney games to follow this pattern in 2025. If you’ve not kept up with the news, Ghost Trick hit Switch, Steam, and other consoles earlier this year as a full remaster and it is fantastic. Read Shaun’s review here. I like this version a lot more than the current iOS version, but it is still disappointing that there’s no upgrade path or save transfer offered. Watch the trailer for the new version of the game coming to iOS in the future below:

With Ghost Trick confirmed to come back to iOS after it is delisted in March 2024, I hope Capcom can bring The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles to iOS and also I have not forgotten about Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. While Capcom has recently been great on iOS with the premium ports of Resident Evil 4 Remake and Resident Evil Village, hopefully the publisher remembers to bring some of its other IP to mobile as well through ports or resurrecting older games. A price point for the new HD version hasn’t been announced yet, but it is priced at $29.99 on console and PC right now. I expect the iOS price point of the new release to be about $20. Did you play Ghost Trick on iOS, Nintendo DS, or any of its modern platform versions?

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