All You Need to Know About ‘Gunship Battle: Total Warfare’s New PvP Mode and Loyalty Program

It has been quite the generous festive season from Joycity so far, as they mark the fifth anniversary of their massive military mayhem game Gunship Battle: Total Warfare. After a host of giveaways and events, it is time to unwrap the anniversary big present; a new PvP mode called Elysium.

‘Tis the season of togetherness, and what better way to honor this than gathering 29 of your Alliance members and engaging in chaotic, otherworldly combat in the new co-op mode? The first battles will be ready for combatants on December 20th and teams can register now to take part in the inaugural wars.

Engage in epic-scale PvP battles

Elysium will see teams face-off in explosive engagements over a variety of buildings, with the aim of capturing them to tally up points. After a grueling one-hour slobberknocker, the Alliance with the most points will be crowned the victors and recipients of a bounty of rewards.

To take part in these battles, teams will have to register in advance. This will then kick off a preparation phase for players to put together whatever tactics they can ahead of one hell of a fight. If you are thinking that you can just bring in that overpowered Spitfire you have sitting around, then hold your proverbial horses.

A fair and balanced way to play

In order to make sure these contests bring out the best in players, you won’t be able to select the units you take into battle. Instead, everyone will be given the same units and equipment, with battle being decided by the only thing they should be; brains, brawns, and maybe a little bit of luck.

Whilst this may come as a bit of a kick to those hoping to just steamroll their way to the prizes and show off that army they worked so hard to amass, it is the best way to ensure everyone has a fair shake at the title. This way, even those busy people with only two hours to play a week have a chance. A true competitive challenge.

Earn new rewards by simply playing

If you can tear yourself away from this new method of carnage and chaos, Joycity has also launched a new reward problem alongside Elysium. The Joy Lounge is for players of any of the company’s games and is a brand new way to amass extra rewards as you play, so there is every reason to join and none to miss out. Simply sign up for the Lounge, and link your game account to it.

When you have done this, you will start amassing Joy Points on your account whenever you make any digital purchase from the Joycity online storefronts; APK, PC or Web Shop, so there is some investment required. When you have built up enough points, it is time for the next step; redeeming them.

Digital and physical options galore

The Joy Lounge will host a marketplace for you to spend your points, with a myriad of in-game packages to choose from. Most interestingly, however, there will also be physical, real-world items available. Joycity has also announced the ongoing release of Seasonal items, so there will be an ongoing evolution of items to collect.

Finally, if you manage to stand out, most likely through constant spending and perhaps dominating Elysium, then you could be one of the lucky few to be invited to the Top Honors program. There will be a special channel on the Joy Lounge for these, with the contents shrouded in mystery, only accessible to those elite Admirals.

Download Gunship Battle: Total Warfare now from the App Store and Google Play to start preparing for this new 60-man PvP extraordinaire, and don’t forget to sign up for the Joy Lounge to start collecting those points.


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