App Store Award Winners 2023: Honkai Star Rail, Unpacking, Lies of P, Lost in Play, Hello Kitty Island Adventure, and More

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Earlier this month, Apple revealed the App Store Award finalists across various categories on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. Today, Apple has revealed the winners for both apps and games. I’m covering the games in this feature. Honkai: Star Rail (Free) unsurprisingly wins iPhone Game of the Year for Apple while Lost in Play (Free) (Which I need to finish) wins iPad Game of the Year. On the Apple Arcade side of things, Hello Kitty Island Adventure (Free) wins Game of the Year. The macOS Game of the Year is the brilliant Lies of P which I reviewed on Steam Deck here.

Apple also revealed specific Cultural Impact winners for their ability to drive positive change. These include a few games. These are Pok Pok, Unpacking (review here), and Finding Hannah. Interesting choices for sure despite a few obvious winners here. Lies of P on the macOS side is the most interesting release for Mac gaming in a while since it was a day one launch, and is very polished and awesome. I hope it eventually gets ported to newer iOS and iPadOS devices. What do you think of the Apple’s selection of 2023 App Store Award winners here?

  • Honkai: Star Rail

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