‘Titan Quest: Ultimate Edition’ With All DLC Included From HandyGames Is Out Now on iOS, Android Coming Later Today

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Well it happened again. A new version of Titan Quest is available on mobile. But, it isn’t a problem for existing owners. This is technically the fifth iteration of Titan Quest as detailed by Jared here. Since Handy Games and THQ Nordic took over Titan Quest on mobile, we’ve seen more updates and DLC arrive, with new versions as well. Titan Quest: Legendary Edition featured the base game and both paid DLC packs together. These DLC packs were available to the base game as in app purchases. Today, Titan Quest: Ultimate Edition with both prior and today’s new expansion ‘Eternal Embers’ included at no additional cost. Titan Quest: Ultimate Edition includes: Immortal Throne, Ragnarök, Atlantis, and Eternal Embers. Most of these are paid DLC on existing platforms, and quite expensive as well compared to the mobile release. Titan Quest: Ultimate Edition has hit iOS worldwide, but will likely launch on Android later today. Watch the Titan Quest: Ultimate Edition trailer here and check out a screenshot of the DLC all installed in this version below:

When Titan Quest: Legendary Edition released, we featured it as our Game of the Week. Now, Titan Quest: Ultimate Edition with all four major DLC packs is now available on iOS for $25. If you already own a prior version of Titan Quest from HandyGames, you can buy the Eternal Embers DLC for $4.99 as an in app purchase. If you’ve not gotten a prior version of the game yet, you can buy Titan Quest: Ultimate Edition on the App Store for iOS here. It will be available on Google Play here when it goes up for sale later today. I grabbed the new version, and will likely review it so we have an updated look at the game in 2023 on new hardware and with the new expansion. Have you played any version of Titan Quest on mobile yet and will you be getting the Eternal Embers DLC?

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