Monster Hunter Now’s Best Event Featuring More Qualily Quests Returns on December 1st With Carpenterbugs, Monster Bone+, and Other Materials

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Niantic and Capcom have just announced the return of Qualily’s quests in Monster Hunter Now (Free) on iOS and Android. If you missed the quests the first time, these special quests as a part of an event include rare upgrade and crafting materials being included through 10 time-limited quests. The rewards are Carpenterbugs, Monster Bone+, Dragonite Ore, and more earned from gathering points and slaying monsters. The event begins on December 1st at 5 PM local time and will go on until December 6th at midnight. To be eligible for this special event in your game, you need to be HR 11 and higher and you might need to slay Tobi-Kadachi to complete some quests which requires having done Chapter 4 of the main story. You can hunt in a group for these quests as well. During the last time the event was on, the Carpenterbugs and Monster Bone+ quests were super helpful.

I’m curious to see when Capcom announces its full December plans with maybe Zinogre or other monsters joining in the game with a potential ice biome. It is going to be interesting to see how the content is balanced for newer players and those who spend too much time playing like I do. If you are planning to start playing the game, I put together some tips and tricks for the game, details on the weapons, special skills, the current monsters list, my wishlist for future update monsters, and more. You can grab Monster Hunter Now on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. The in app purchases include different sets of gems and upgrades. Check out the official website here. What do you think of Monster Hunter Now if you’ve been playing it so far on iOS and Android?

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