The Amazing ‘Downwell+’ Is Now on Apple Arcade as an App Store Great Today Alongside Notable Updates for Many Games

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After Football Manager 2024 Touch last week, we have an App Store Great joining the service today with Downwell+ () from Devolver Digital. Downwell is a timeless game, and I refuse to believe there are folks who care about iOS gaming who don’t already have it given its very low price. Either way, if you don’t, you can now play it through Apple Arcade as Downwell+. Check it out here on Apple Arcade. While Downwell is available on other platforms, it is easily best on mobile so give it a shot if you haven’t played it yet. Watch the trailer for its original mobile and PC launch below:

Alongside today’s new release, there are multiple notable game updates now available with some of the prior update events going live. Let’s get into the new updates then. Cityscapes: Sim Builder brings in new project reminders in the build mode menu, the ability to skip the tutorial, new buildings inspired by San Francisco, and more. Cooking Mama: Cuisine! adds in new dishes and a new login bonus ingredient each week with today’s update. The newest major Hello Kitty Island Adventure update out now has two events ongoing in the Give and Gather Celebration, holiday presents in the finale, multiplayer friendship levels, a new avatar type: rabbits, and much more. Simon’s Cat – Story Time brings in daily rewards for finding angels in the gardens from December 1st, 25 new levels coming each week, and more. Taiko no Tatsujin: Pop Tap Beat brings in six new songs today: Linda Linda, Bad Apple, Blue Topaz, and more.

Zookeeper World continues its updates with new puzzle stages and the next one coming on November 26th. Jet Dragon has gotten a major “Sequel Update" with a new story, Union Race, new challenge races, new enhancement items, and more. The final notable update of the week is Doodle God Universe adding in Thanksgiving Day elements and reactions with a special event coming happening now. With the updates done, head over to our forum threads for Cityscapes: Sim Builder here, Doodle God Universe here, Hello Kitty Island Adventure here, Taiko no Tatsujin: Pop Tap Beat here, Cooking Mama: Cuisine! here, Simon’s Cat – Story Time here, Zookeeper World here, Jet Dragon here and Downwell+ here. Head over to our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion on the service and every game included here. What do you think of today’s release and updates?

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