Hellcow Strikes Back in the Latest ‘Marvel Snap’ Update

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I was more than a little under the weather the last time a Marvel Snap (Free) update came through, so I do apologize if you were blindsided by any sudden balance changes a couple of weeks ago. I’m back to full fighting shape this time, and that means I can give you a proper breakdown of the latest changes to my favorite card game. There are some interesting balance adjustments here, with some nerfs that will make a few players groan and a few curious buffs. Let’s dig in.

It’s extremely rare to see Second Dinner nerf the featured Season Pass card during the season they debut in, but that’s just what’s happening with Elsa Bloodstone. She’s proven to be a very powerful card, so she’s getting a tiny bit of power shaved off her ability in hopes that she’ll settle in better. Elsa Bloodstone’s ability previously granted +3 Power to any card used to fill a location, but now will grant only +2. She’s still quite the force to be reckoned with, however.

Loki’s had his nerf coming, and it was clear the developers were just waiting for his season to be over to make a more direct shot at him. Well, here it is! Loki retains his ability as-is, and he doesn’t lose any Power either. He does, however, gain an extra point of Cost. Loki moves from a Surfer-friendly 3-Cost 5-Power to 4-Cost 5-Power. Crafty players will still be able to get him out early if they strategize, but he’s going to be slightly less versatile now.

It’s not all bad news for Loki decks, however. The grave injustice that was the nerfing of The Collector, done to curb Loki decks a bit, has now been reversed. The Collector returns to being 2-Cost 2-Power after his brief exile at 2-Cost 0-Power. Now other decks that used him will have him back to speed, and that’s a good thing.

Angela is getting addressed as well, and it’s probably about time. I love Angela. We all love Angela. But Angela just keeps finding new friends that she works way too well with, so it seems like it’s time for this angel to fall. While her stats of 2-Cost 0-Power improve to 2-Cost 2-Power, she now only gains +1 Power from each card played at her location instead of +2 Power. Angela is a favorite card in many kinds of decks, so it will be interesting to see how this change shakes out.

I don’t know how I feel about Sauron getting nerfed. I know he’s a presence in some strong decks, but I rarely feel like he’s the captain on those teams. Well, I suppose it doesn’t matter what I think. Sauron gets a light slap on the tail, moving from 3-Cost 3-Power to 3-Cost 2-Power. I feel like the way he tends to be used isn’t going to be affected much by this, but it’s again a case where we’ll have to see how things work in practice.

Alright, that’s enough of the depressing nerfs. Let’s look at some nice buffs. Uatu got his ability adjusted recently, and his stats were tweaked down to compensate. He’s getting his groove back today, going from 1-Cost 1-Power to 1-Cost 2-Power. You can use this card in a lot of neat ways, and it can outright help you win games sometimes. Give him a try if you’ve previously written him off.

Speaking of cards some have written off, Hellcow. Mighty Hellcow! She fell by the wayside over time because her discard effect is completely random and her stats just don’t make it worth that risk. Well, she’s moo-ving on up with this update, going from a so-so 4-Cost 6-Power card to a 4-Cost 8-Power card worthy of a cow-abunga or two. No apologies! Ever! That’s a lot of Power for the Cost, and I think she might be worth keeping around in a discard deck now.

The last buff is a nice one to see, especially going into the next Marvels-themed season. Spectrum is a card we all use a little in the beginning when we’re just starting out, but it doesn’t take long before she just doesn’t measure up to other options like Blue Marvel or Odin. To push her a little more, the developers have moved her from 6-Cost 5-Power to 6-Cost 7-Power with no adjustment to her ability. I still don’t know if I’ll find a home for her in any of my decks, but I’ll try.

And that’s the lot for this time, friends. Does anyone need to shuffle around their decks after this? These ones don’t hit me too hard in any way, but I’m also a bit cagey about using some of the buffed cards even with the improvements. Well, one of the fun things about Marvel Snap is experimenting with decks, and this at least gives me a greater excuse to do so. Happy Snapping, everyone!


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