‘Monster Hunter Now’ Halloween Pumpkin Hunt Event Detailed With New Event-Exclusive Rewards and More

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Niantic and Capcom have just revealed new details for the upcoming Monster Hunter Now (Free) Halloween Pumpkin Hunt event coming next week. This announcement follows yesterday’s version 63.0 update on mobile bringing a favorites system for equipment and party improvements. Beginning October 25th at 9 AM (local time), Monster Hunter Now Halloween Pumpkin Hunt event will begin with special quests to gather specific items or slaying specific monsters to earn Pumpkin Tickets. These can be used to upgrade Jack-o-Head equipment. From October 28th, a Halloween Medal Acquisition Quest will be available. The same day, Kulu-Ya-Ku holding a pumpkin-like rock will have an increased appearance rate. The event-exclusive gear includes the Jack-o-Head armor with the Solidarity skill and more. There

In addition to rewards and the gear, there will be two time-limited Packs available from the in-game shop and the web store featuring many useful items including Special Carving Knives. I hope this event is better than the Pink Rathian one because I barely managed finding five or six of those. If you are planning to start playing the game, I put together some tips and tricks for the game, details on the weapons, special skills, the current monsters list, my wishlist for future update monsters, and more. You can grab Monster Hunter Now on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. The in app purchases include different sets of gems and upgrades. Check out the official website here. What do you think of Monster Hunter Now if you’ve been playing it so far on iOS and Android?

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