Ustwo’s ‘Assemble with Care’ Now Available for Free with Premium Unlock IAP Following its Removal from Apple Arcade Last Month

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Following its removal from the service last month, one of the standout launch titles for Apple Arcade just over 4 years ago is now available as a normal App Store release. Assemble with Care is from Ustwo Games, makers of the Monument Valley games and many other wonderful titles, and it’s a narrative puzzler of sorts where you’re tasked with putting together a number of different objects over the course of the game. It’s a wonderful experience for anyone who loves to take things apart and tinker, though many of the objects aren’t exactly true to their real-life counterparts, because that could get pretty complicated pretty quickly. Still, it’s a fun sort of “stylized" experience putting together many familiar items, or at least their lawsuit-friendly likenesses.

It’s a satisfying experience assembling the items, but it’s the “care" portion of the title that really gives Assemble with Care another level of meaning. Each object has a story behind it and is special to a real human being in some way or fashion that is more important than that object’s intended purpose. These stories reveal themselves as you progress and create a real emotional connection, and yes, give you a reason to care. It’s not a super long experience at roughly 4 or 5 hours, or an especially difficult one, but it’s memorable for sure. If you’ve always eyed Assemble with Care but weren’t an Apple Arcade subscriber you can now take the game for a test drive for free and then if you enjoy it unlock the full game for a one-time IAP of $3.99.

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