Narrative-Driven Hidden Object Game ‘Ghost Detective’ From Wooga Is Out Now on iOS and Android Through Netflix Games

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Today, Netflix and Wooga have released Ghost Detective (Free) on iOS and Android as a narrative-driven hidden object puzzle game set in New Orleans. I’m not familiar with the brand, but it looks like this is a Netflix version of Wooga’s Ghost Detective which is already available as a free to play game on mobile as you can see on Google Play here. You play as a detective who has been killed, and your aim is to catch your own murderer by solving puzzles and finding hidden objects. The Netflix version will not include any in app purchases barring the option to subscribe to Netflix from within the game though. Check out the Ghost Detective Netflix Games trailer below:

Check out Wooga’s official website here to see what else the developer has released so far.
Ghost Detective is rolling out now on Netflix Games for iOS and Android. Check it out on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here if you’d like to try it. The official game page is also here. I’m curious to see what else is announced for Netflix Games through the coming weeks. If you’ve not played anything Netflix has brought to mobile yet, check out my feature on the best Netflix releases for mobile here. What do you think of Netflix’s current set of games on mobile?

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