TouchArcade Game of the Week: ‘Grab The Apple’

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I know this is the Game of the Week, but I might dial things back a bit and declare it the Charming As All Get Out Digital Toy But Also Kind of a Game of the Week just for this week only. Or maybe some future weeks too, I don’t know. The point is that if you’re looking for something that will test your gamer skillz to the max then Grab The Apple from Korigame is probably not going to scratch that particular itch, but if you are looking for something that will put a smile on your face while you have a blast fiddling around with it then this is your lucky week.

So Korigame is no stranger to mobile, and their particular niche is games that are cute and silly and lighthearted while also typically being well-suited to a touchscreen. kORi Walk is the first game I can recall really taking a liking to from this developer quite a few years ago now, but really you can pick any of their games out and know you’ll be in for a wholesome and very silly good time, especially if you have kids. Grab The Apple does not stray from this formula and, as someone with a 2-year old and a 4-year old, as well as being a big kid myself, it has been a big hit around my house this past week.

The concept is pretty simple. Your character, of which there are several to choose from, is at the bottom of the screen and there’s an apple hiding on every level typically surrounded by all sorts of dangers traps and blockades. Drag on the screen to extend your seemingly never-ending arm and negotiate all the danger to find a safe path to grab that apple, just as the title suggests, and then watch as your arm retracts like a vacuum cord hauling that apple back to you. It’s relative touch so you can touch anywhere and the hand will mimic your motions, so you’re never blocking your view. And as mentioned the arm seems to never end so feel free to go off course, take the long route, draw some squiggles or whatever on your way to grabbing that apple, I can assure you it’ll bring a smile to your face.

That’s part of the reason I mention this is more of a digital toy, but also because I don’t really see a way to fail a level. You can run into any hazards and it’ll simply cause your arm to retract and you’ll have to try again. Maybe I just haven’t found the fail state yet, or maybe there just isn’t one. There are a few puzzle-y elements by way of hidden walls and such, but I have yet to really be tested on any of the game’s levels. This is all fine, by the way, because I’m enjoying the experience all the same, but it’s worth noting. But hey, just try it out for yourself, as this is a free game with ads and a simple one-time IAP if you wish to remove them, which I very quickly did myself.

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