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‘Tetris’ Meets Castle Defense in ‘Castle Master TD’ from ‘Dragon Hills’ Developer Rebel Twins, Launching October 4th

We’re big fans of all things Rebel Twins around these parts. Between the Dragon Hills games, Cookies Must Die, Aliens Drive Me Crazy, and even Daddy Was a Thief more than a decade ago these guys know how to make a fun and stylish mobile game. We haven’t heard from Rebel Twins since early 2020 when Cookies Must Die released, just before Covid ravaged our everyday normal lives. I call it The Before Times. Anyway, here we are a few years down the line and they are preparing to launch their latest creation called Castle Master TD. This one is really something I haven’t seen before, as it involves block-dropping similar to Tetris as well as castle defense. Those are two genres I never imagined might be combined, but here we are. Check out the Castle Master TD trailer to get an idea of how it works.

So as you can see, it’s a very clever combination of the two genres. Blocks will fall from the sky and you’ll rotate and drop them in such a way as to build your own little fortress. Different blocks have different properties, like catapult platforms or archer towers just to name a couple, and once everything is set up how you (hopefully) wanted it enemies will come trying to crash your castle and it will be up to you to protect your makeshift structure by deploying your different troops and defenses. Just like in their previous games, and especially the Dragon Hills games, there is all sorts of chaos once the action starts heating up in Castle Master TD, and I’m really looking forward to trying out this interesting blend of game types. Castle Master TD will hit both iOS and Android in just a few weeks on October 4th.