‘Samurai Shodown’ Is Out Now on iOS and Android Through Netflix With Online Play Support

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Following its soft launch last week, SNK has released Samurai Shodown (Free) its 2019-released console and PC fighter on iOS and Android worldwide through Netflix Games. I reinstalled Samurai Shodown on every platform I own it on last week to get back into the groove before today’s Netflix launch. I will be reviewing this port, but I love most things about it barring the online and Switch port. I’m hoping the iOS version on modern iOS devices will not be as annoying to play as the Switch version. I assume this version on Netflix will include the DLC or bring them in slowly over time. Watch the Samurai Shodown Netflix trailer below:

Even if it launches as just the base game, Samurai Shodown is a superb addition to Netflix’s gaming catalogue assuming the port is good. If you have an active Netflix subscription, you can grab Samurai Shodown on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. You can check it out on Steam here or Nintendo Switch as well as Xbox Series X or PS4 (PS5 via backward compatibility). It is priced at $49.99 on Switch right now for the base game. Have you played Samurai Shodown before on PC or console and will you be trying it on Netflix today?

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