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‘Kingdoms: Merge and Build’ Gets a Gameplay Video Ahead of Its Launch on Apple Arcade Next Week

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Kingdoms: Merge and Build () was announced for Apple Arcade release alongside a few other notable games for August 2023. The match-two meets kingdom builder has been developed by Cherrypick Games, and it is out next week on Apple Arcade. Today, Apple released Nekograms+ on the service as an App Store Great. Kingdoms: Merge and Build, will be the newest Apple Arcade Original, and it features story-driven gameplay across different chapters to unlock new characters, landmarks, buildings, and more. Your aim is to restore the broken down kingdom to its glory. Watch the new Kingdoms: Merge and Build short gameplay showcase trailer from Cherrypick Games below:

If you’d like to try it out, you can sign up here on the App Store to have Kingdoms: Merge and Build download when it launches on‘‘ August 18th worldwide. This is going to be another one of those Apple Arcade games that likely will keep getting updated often. The developers say it will have events and some form of working with others towards global goals for special rewards. I’m not a fan of the aesthetic at all, but I hope those looking forward to Kingdoms: Merge and Build enjoy it and the gameplay is good. What do you think of the gameplay and will you be trying Kingdoms: Merge and Build next week?

Update: Added new gameplay video.

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