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Cozy Puzzler ‘Unpacking’ Hitting Mobile on August 24th, iOS Pre-Orders Live Now

One game from the last couple of years that I have heard people rave about but that I have never gotten around to myself is Witch Beam’s narrative puzzler Unpacking. This is a cozy narrative puzzle game where, just like the title says, you’re unpacking boxes of items into different rooms in various dwellings. There is a main character that the story revolves around and each move marks a significant moment in this person’s life. The story is told almost entirely without words, and instead it’s the items you’re unpacking and where they are going that slowly reveal more and more details about this person and their situation. Unpacking received near universal acclaim on other platforms, but it always felt to me like one of those games that would be most at home on mobile, so I was not so surprised but very excited when it was announced for mobile back in June.

I’m telling you, me not getting around to playing great games on other platforms is like the key to having them eventually come to mobile, where I will most definitely get around to playing them. What I’m saying is that I am entirely responsible for all the fantastic mobile ports over the years, so you’re welcome. In all seriousness though I’m glad I held out because Unpacking on mobile is sure to be a great experience, and today we finally found out when we’ll get to experience that… experience. August 24th is the big day for both iOS and Android, and the game will be a fully premium release priced at $10. For the iOS folks you can actually pre-order the game right now on the App Store if you’re so inclined. Android people, well, no pre-orders for you. That’s OK though because honestly the 24th is right around the corner and we’ll all be unpacking items in harmony in just a few short weeks.