Feral Interactive Teases New Mobile and Switch Games Releasing Quite Soon

When I interviewed Feral Interactive earlier this year, I asked about potential new mobile and Switch releases for 2023. I was essentially told “Yes, but no clues" for both mobile and Switch. Fast forward to Friday and Feral Interactive put out a teaser as it usually does, but this time there were two teases on it. We usually see Feral Interactive post a teaser for a port or new game release coming to one platform. This time there is a clue for a Switch game and one for a mobile game. You can view the clues below in Feral Interactive’s radar image. I gave up on trying to decipher Feral Interactive’s teasing a while ago, but feel free to speculate in the comments below.

feral interactive august 2023 new game tease

I have no idea what to expect with either tease, so I’m going to speculate a bit about what I’d like to see Feral Interactive bring to both platforms. If you look at the Steam publisher page for Feral Interactive here and the developer page here for macOS releases, there are a few notable releases that are yet to come to Switch and mobile. I’d love to see Feral Interactive bring one of its amazing Total War games to Switch and also see a modern Creative Assembly release hit mobile. We could also see a newer Tomb Raider game potentially. There are a lot of possibilities, but I know I’ll likely be there regardless of the game. What do you think Feral Interactive is teasing, and what would you like to see the developer bring to mobile and Switch this year?