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World-Rotating 2D Puzzle Platformer ‘Tetragon’ Launching on iOS and Android July 19th

What would you do to save your lost son? Would you create platforms out of thin air, or literally rotate the ground you’re standing on? Well, you would if you were Lucios, protagonist of the 2D puzzle platformer Tetragon which previously launched on PC and consoles and is now making its way to iOS and Android devices next week. As alluded to, Lucios’s son has disappeared and he must traverse the more than 40 levels spread across 4 worlds in Tetragon to find his son and extinguish an evil enemy that threatens to destroy the entire world. So, lots of stuff going on. Also Lucio is a lumberjack. This world contains a magical substance known as TetraGen which allows Lucio to raise platforms from the ground, create stairways, and even rotate the entire world on its axis. Using these abilities, and good old-fashioned gravity, Lucio sets out to save his son and… (movie trailer voice) save the world.

Ok, so maybe this isn’t the most original storyline around, but as best as I can tell people aren’t playing Tetragon for its rich story. No they are playing it for the head-scratching puzzle platforming that is based around manipulating the environment and using gravity to your benefit. Just based on the trailer above I can tell there will be some serious head-scratchers in Tetragon, and I am here for it. This also seems like one of those games that will feel most at home on a touchscreen, and while the press release doesn’t go into any detail about how they actually work, it does tout that developer Cafundo Studio has revamped the controls specifically for mobile. I’ll be interested to see how it all turned out when Tetragon launches on iOS and Android on July 19th.